Ever Hearts

Is this a game about heart breaks? Or is it about a strong relationship?
Is it romantic? Is this what you call love? Is it playful?
Is this all about the girl's awesomeness? Or Is this about the guy's issues?
Or is it more?
What does this game tell you? You'll never know until you play it!


   Spun is a hard-as-nail 2D mobile platformer. Take control of the rotation of a space station full of traps, obstacles and dangers to steer a scared and helpless cube through it in search for a way out. The game incorporates elements of horror, and has been inspired by games like N, VVVVVV and Limbo.


Curiocity is a game that comprises of a wide array of educational & arcade games which aid the systematic development of your child's cognitive skills on a daily basis. By accessing any of the 9 different learning centres available, the little ones may immerse themselves into a series of games which are designed to assist in the growth of a specific area of learning. Welcome to Curiocity, where you child's curiosity befriends knowledge.

Sachin Saga Cricket Champions


Get ready to play as the legendary master blaster himself in all his glory! Hit the shots the way he does, in iconic matches that he led to victory and in authentic stadiums with real world conditions. We put you in Sachin’s shoes to live and experience the cricketing adventure of god himself.


Game Play

·       Controls is simple Swipe mechanic to play shots for a particular ball

·       Controls on-boarded through a tutorial


In Loopables your goal is to manipulate the environment in due to guide a forgetful person. It's a surreal experience leading you from where you started, a constant loop filled with fun and challenges.