Welcome to Crashpura, a city known for 3 things- its scenes,people and crashes! Play as Bola(our Road Hero) as he teaches the people of his city some road manners by abiding to them by himself and inspiring others.The game features level by level design where with each level Bola inspires more and more people and reduces the Unruliness of the town and changes Crashpura to Safepura.
Developer Note:
Due to the nature of the hackathon the developers could not include more levels,however the plan is to include atleast 15 more levels and even possibility of multiplayer modes.

Drive India A 'HOW TO' GUIDE

Drive India A 'HOW TO' GUIDE is an edutainment game where players are given with different driving Scenarios associated with various traffic rules. Player has to figure out the rule and choose from given options. If player makes the right choices he progresses forward in the game, if not he will have to replay the scenarios. Each wrong choice will cost one life. three wrong choices will end the game. 

Mystic Squad - Sarak Sadak Ke

Sarak Sadak Ke

This is a 2D casual game genre, containing different scenerios of traffic.
The version of the uploaded game containes total 8 chapters based on the themes. This is an educatonal game giving information to the player by reflex based mechanics.

Themes included
Basic Knowledge/Information
- Drunken Driving
-Wear Helmet
-When to prevent car horn
-When ambulance is approaching
- When driver signal before taking turn


Biohazard Zones is a mobile VR exclsuive game designed to play on Anroid and iOS platforms. The game story starts in Afghanisthan and travels to China, Japan, US, UK, India, Germany and finally ends in Africa. The story is rexperience through 10 different personalities from 10 different places where each personality contribute o significant amount of story narration.

Player gets to experience this story in an first person interactive mannar such as VR game. Try the game proto today from Google play store or iOS app store.

Drive India

Its necessary to follow all traffic rules in every country and every road. Traffic rules are meant to make all people safe including drivers, passengers, pedestrians, cyclists etc... Therefore you need to have a better understanding of traffic signs and traffic symbols before getting into the road.

"Drive India" game teaches you all traffic rules should be followed in Indian roads with stunning 3D realistic graphics and in a fun way. "Drive India" teaches on lane discipline, one way, Traffic Signals by Electronic signal systems, Traffic signals by Traffic police. 

Pop Balloons

This is a game designed and created for kids of all ages. Kids love animals, stars, fruits, colors, toys, candies, cakes, etc... most of all they are always facinated by balloons. They love playing with balloons and popping them when and where possible. When comes to popping balloons, every one loves the idea. On seeing a balloon even adults turn to kids at the toughts and give a try of popping. So, we decided to come up with a simple yet very effective way of building ultimate fun for all age groups by means of balloons.