Coke Factory

Coke Factory is simple yet interesting, addicative and challenging game. Bring your childhood days back by start playing Coke factory game where your task is to supply coke bottel in factory and earn point. But remember you cannot damage or lose any coke during supply. is a Massively Multiplayer Online game (MMO) which can be played on Android and iOS mobile devices. The game is interesting and has a handful of features which could be unlocked by playing more games.

Players can pick a fish from a collection of 7 different fish which needs to be unlocked by playing games and opening fishbowls which are received at the end of the game. 

Blokstok Street Fight Madness

Blokstok Street Fight Madness is a new twist on the street fighting genre of games.

It is intended to be a mobile first game targeted at mid-core gamers and takes a new twist on the genre with an interesting storyline and characters that we expect the users will identify with - with minimum of blood rather than having characters that are caricatures or characters that are overly gory.

We are not revealing much of the story here to avoid giving away too many spoilers as the final game will be fairly story driven.

Drift Champions

Drift Champions is an isometric car racing game for mobile and tablet devices. The tracks are specifically designed to be drifting friendly and give you a unique experience in handling the cars in a simple and natural way.

Drift Champions will contain the below mentioned features by the release:

#High quality 3D graphics and drift control

#Different Racing modes – Elimination, Time Trial and Drift

#Career mode to unlock all the cars and tracks

#Asynchronous multiplayer mode (Send and receive challenges with friends)

Enemy Waters

In its simplest form, Enemy Waters is a cat and mouse game between submarines and ships. The player will control a naval fleet comprising of ships and submarines, using which he has to outsmart and outflank his enemy's fleet.