Word Foe

Word Foe - The new free social word game where your vocabulary and word building skills are put to test in a fast paced real-time multiplayer environment. Play with your friends, with word building legends and other players looking to build their vocabulary on your mobile and become the best word builder in the world. May the best Word Foe Win.

-        Play in one of our three player rooms against players from all over the world in real-time.

-        Play in the ultimate tournament mode and win 12 games to unlock the top prize or get knocked out in 3 losses.


REWIND is a suspense thriller Virtual Reality Game based on Hidden Object genre. Inspired by Object finding Games and VR technologies, we decided to make Suspense Game in based on Hidden object genre while utilising the Virtual Reality technology. The user will play the role of detective to solve a mystery case with several levels. Feel lively blend within the Game while playing in VR mode.



Janken is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game targetted for all players who love to play PVP on LAN .

The Game is based on a very well known traditional sport- ROCK-PAPER-SCISSOR... But, Reflected in a very Unique Way.

Showcasing 3 types of Characters: Rock, Paper, Scissor where they chase their prey on beautiful Sperical levels that turns out to be a mayhem!

Game Features:

Epic Tales

In "Epic Tales" a mighty king is defending his kingdom from  daemons , creatures and asuras! Game is in indian mythological theme and it has features like upgradeable primary and secondary weapons, Achievement, Missions and many more. It's currently under development.

Crossbow Legends

Summary :

The game is an arcade style first person crossbow shooter with a fantasy themed approach. Simple shooting mechanics with easy to understand UI. The gameplay is addictive with a number of unique items and rewards available to the player only on completion of certain objectives that are difficulty as well as time based.

Game play :


An innovative cube puzzle that keeps the player engaged on multiple levels. SImple colours and a soft, slick interface with minimal colours make it a premium experience. The game is also uniquely designed keeping in mind accessibility options making it suitable even for those with visual impairment and colour blindness. 
The 2 modes in the game are completely opposite - Thinkster urges you to patiently think your way to the solution, while Everchanging tests the quick thinking ability of players.