Rescue Birds

Rescue Birds - Slingshot and Power Balls is a new 3D Action game for everyone with an interesting and captivating gameplay. It is all about shooting with a slingshot. Players need to shoot power balls of different sizes and special powers using a slingshot and set free the birds who are trapped in cages.
Game Highlights:
-Simple game controls. Just aim and throw power balls at the cages. 
-Easy gameplay in an intriguing game environment.
-100 levels to complete (More levels are coming).

Blop Blop

Blop Blop is an amazing game for everyone, set in a serene environment in space. Your mission would be not to fall off the path and help this adorable square piece of jelly back to its home. Skilfully decide when its time to change the path by switching the direction and keep going to the next steps one by one until Blop Blop reaches home. 
Top Game Features:
-Endless procedurally generated game environment.
-Engaging animation of different game elements.
-Catchy background score and sound effects.

Flag Strike

This game is going to take the world by storm. You have got the wit and the flair? It is time to PROVE IT! Each level will put your adroitness under meticulous scrutiny with a number of traps and obstacles. Demolish the flags in each level to make headway into the next one. Each level brings along with it an arduous journey which demands you to come up with unique tactics to get home. Try it to test your swiftness as well as your puzzle solving skills. Share it with your pals and family, assess their skill-set and compare it with yours. 
Special features  :

Math Trance

Think your brain has the speed to solve these simple equations that matches the answer before the time runs out? Think again! Math Trance is an educational game that your fingers will love to play on. Its a simple family entertainment puzzle which will test your math skills at any age.


Jhulo is a game where all you need to do is tap the balls to get them swinging. The balls start swinging in clockwise direction. Time your taps such that the balls don't collide.

Kids University

Kids University Learning Game it is not only unique, exciting game for a toddler but it is also an addictive, educational, funny and challenging game that helps your child to improve the knowledge of the alphabet, numbers, insects, and animals.

The interactive learning is a very helpful mode of education as toddlers enter kindergarten as kinaesthetic learners (Age 2-5 years). This preschool game is specially designed by the child psychology experts and developed by the expert game developers.

Santa's Christrmas Candy

Help Santa to Get back All Christmas Candy from the Party.
‘Santa's Christmas Candy’ is a fun festive Christmas game that will test your skills & is loads of fun. 
Catch candies of various shapes, sizes & colors as they pop in the air & then drop into Santa Claus’ big gift sack.
So let’s bring in the festive cheer of Christmas to our phones and spread “Joy to the World”.
The game is played over two modes: