Zombie Bloxx


One morning you wake up to a city in chaos and commotion. Looks like everyone seems to be evacuating the city.

What sort of outbreak is this? You step out of the house for the idiot you are.

Shouldn’t you be camping inside and staying calm?

Well, now you are screwed! ZOMBIES! Have risen, they are hungry and on the lookout for a snack.

Are you just going to stand there and wait for the zombies to rip out your brains Or Are you going to run because your life depends on it? 




One touch gameplay. Play artfully crafted 56 levels. 
Serenely challenging geometric art and artsy illusions.

Control smoothly moving black dot and your goal is to collect color dots in each level. Sounds easy ?
There is only one control option: Left Turn!  
Find a perfect way to collect each color dot.

T20 Cricket Premier League

T20 Cricket Premier League is the most addictive single button game. This is a small, yet cool game for cricket fans. Hit the cricket balls that are bowled your way. How many runs can you get before you are bowled out? Cool graphics will hook you for long time. You can Bowl as well as Bat in this game which is a unique feature in such type of game engine.


Fourte is the math game where you play with 4 given numbers and the basic operators to get the desired number.


Enemies will approach! Can you defend your forte and unlock the math wizards?

Add up your courage, subtract your weaknesses,

Multiply your strength, divide your plans,

and, of course, brace for the attack!


Play God

Devil is up to one of his mischief but this time he went too far and damaged your precious world. Play as God, repair the damage and heal the broken world.

Play God is minimalistic puzzle games that puts you in the shoes of the God. Assemble the broken magical cubes and join them. Fix broken structures, monuments and save the world. But beware! Devil will not rest and his minions will try their best to stop you.

Being developed by Chennai based Weloadin Studio, Play God is Dropout Games' first full-scale Publishing venture.

Sky Dash - Mission Unseen

Sky Dash is a much waited fast pace game for kids and adults. A perfect Wheel Runner game for kids above nine years of age, it follows an adventure genre, which will give rise to adrenaline rush more than usual. Static blocks and unknown creatures of this Sky Dashing game are there to welcome you in this game and create obstacles.

Tiny Jumper

Tiny Jumper is an endless physics based fun jumping game. You can rejoice in the fun of collecting fruits and reaching the new arenas by a plane crashed pilot land in a delightful landscape. Enjoy the journey in all seasons and weather. Feel the thrill of doing special jumps. Go on.. surprises are all waiting...