Rig's Dream

Rig a young school boy hates english. He does not seem to remember spellings. Often resulting in being punished and his fellow students having a laugh at him. The night before the english test in school, he is upset, stressed and afraid. He sleeps trying to calm himself down. Rig then has a dream; he falls into a dreamland full of letters where the teacher now turned witch awaits him. The only way to survive and get out is by making words out of the letters around him.

Phase Spur

Phase Spur is a casual puzzle game with cute little creatures. The player has to arrange these creatures in way that there are no more than two creatures in a line(vertical, diagonal and horizontal).

Super Nano Jumpers

Super Nano Jumpers is a retro hard as nails platformer with tight control mechanics, This semi autorunner's controls are simple enough - tap the left side of the screen to halt, tap the right side to jump. With over 90 levels to play across 5 different worlds and 2 different Game modes(Arcade & Time trial) you need to survive these dark dungeons,unlock new characters and make it to the end.
"TouchArcade Game of the Week"
"Winner Pocket Gamer Connects The Very Big Indie Pitch Bangalore 2015"

Neo Angle


Neo Angle is a hyper minimalistic puzzle game inspired by neon artstyle and 80s Retro Synth music. Neo, our protagonist has a simple goal. Pick up all the pyramid shaped fuel cells and head to the exit. But once a path is chosen, things get complicated.

Neo Angle launched on iOS on August 3, 2017 and was globally featured on the store front.


Travel through beautiful mountains, serene valleys and harsh deserts, solving Blyss' puzzles while completing arduous challenges, unlocking hand-crafted achievements and climbing those leaderboards.

Blyss is an elegant ‘procedural’ puzzle experience. It's an endless game, intricately wrapped in a soothing atmosphere of ambient themes. Each theme has its own handpicked music and is created with an intention of providing a varying range of emotional experience to the player.

Coke Factory

Coke Factory is simple yet interesting, addicative and challenging game. Bring your childhood days back by start playing Coke factory game where your task is to supply coke bottel in factory and earn point. But remember you cannot damage or lose any coke during supply.