Kids University

Kids University Learning Game it is not only unique, exciting game for a toddler but it is also an addictive, educational, funny and challenging game that helps your child to improve the knowledge of the alphabet, numbers, insects, and animals.

The interactive learning is a very helpful mode of education as toddlers enter kindergarten as kinaesthetic learners (Age 2-5 years). This preschool game is specially designed by the child psychology experts and developed by the expert game developers.

Santa's Christrmas Candy

Help Santa to Get back All Christmas Candy from the Party.
‘Santa's Christmas Candy’ is a fun festive Christmas game that will test your skills & is loads of fun. 
Catch candies of various shapes, sizes & colors as they pop in the air & then drop into Santa Claus’ big gift sack.
So let’s bring in the festive cheer of Christmas to our phones and spread “Joy to the World”.
The game is played over two modes:

Pro Soccer Cars 2016

Pro Soccer Cars 2016 is a mobile game in the casual sports genre. It is a combination of the beautiful game -football and one of the most fun rides in an amusement park - bumping cars. A fun game where players will drift and bump cars while trying to score a goal.
Key features:
  1. 3 game modes:
  • Single player – Career Mode
  • 2 Player offline Mode
  • Online Multiplayer

2.   3 different types of game events:


An unconventional Endless Leaper!

You play as BLUK, an average block character traversing the worlds unseen or failed by the ones before it, in a search for it's true form.

Being a highscore chaser/endless game with a story hidden beneath, the real world physics in the game is tuned to keep the player on his/her toes.

Will you ever find what you are looking for? What will you find? Is the legend of the red mountain true afterall? And more importantly... Will you even land on the next column?


The Wind Warrior

The Wind Warrior is a single player, 3D adventure fight game, in which the player fights with opponents and defeats them to unlock deadly chambers one by one and finally secures the key information and completes his ultimate mission. Our hero fights with the monstrous mutants who have unique striking abilities, lethal powers and immortality. Hero can defend, punch, kick, be agile and respond quickly. Be consistent and play hard and you will get rewarded with unleashing great powers which can defeat these immortal opponents.