Zoono: The Rescue Hero

Connect & Unlock the pattern to save Zoono's friends and thier planet Osmo!
Zoono is an addictive, challenging, skill based and fun puzzle game. A brain game that will test your skill in finding the right pattern. Assist Zoono to rescue his friends by connecting & unlocking them in that pattern. Complete all the puzzles within minimum moves to earn 3 stars in every level. 


Make words not war.

Compete with your friends and foes in a refreshing online word battle game you have never seen before!

Exchange words based on a topic, or go completely nuts in our Random Mode. And when you think you just can't do it anymore, our special Powerups are here to help you!

Mr. Zipsack's Adventure


Looking for a new and challenging way to play your favorite match 3 puzzles? Look no further! Mr. Zipsack’s Adventure takes you across hundreds of challenging puzzles to put strategy and skill to test. Play as the adorable Mr. Zipsack and unfold the mystery in a world trapped and overturned by evil buttonheads.



Kingdom of Peria is one of the wonderful and peaceful places. Peria has got one of the strongest armies in the world. But their whole strength lies in their bowmen, known for their accurate and stunning shooting skills. The kingdom is surrounded by thick woods and denser forests. The forest is filled with most cruel race of cannibals and half men.


Mo.Tu. aka Monster Tobu is a physics based puzzle game. The main objective is to feed the alien monster the egg candy. Player simply taps the screen to make the candy jump. Other than just a jump , use various interesting gameplay elements to deliver candy to the monster. One must collect the stars to increase the score.

Mo.Tu. aka Monster Tobu, has different level packs each pack with 20 levels. Each pack opens a new game element with unique challenges.

The game is addictive as well as challenging ! Look for a bonus video on our facebook page !

Mystery Factory

Mystery Factory is an endless falldown adventure game. Survival is the aim in this dark metal factory which can be difficult due to the obstacles which are at every point. This factory is an abandoned old place where a new adventure awaits for you to discover. The mysterious factory has a rustic look with chains and fire.