Traffic Trainer

Game play

Teaching kids road safety is a very crucial part of raising the young ones as it directly concerns their physical safety and well-being as they grow and become independent. Rather than isolated lectures and demonstrations, road safety 

The game will teach the player all the traffic awareness

Start with signal, speed control, make way for ambulance, no parking and signal jump


Sammy's Up's And Down's

1. Our game was made in Unity Engine. Our game is made by six of us. 3 game Designers and 3 game Developers
2. This game's main story is based on true event that happend long ago. The game has a very good story, gameplay,mechanics and aesthetics.
3. Traffic rules are also well implemented, educating the younger minds about Traffic rules and safety and also consequences faced if not followed
4. Coming to characters, There are 22 characters in this game made with 'adobe fuse' and  building textures which includes textures of windows and doors.

Traffic Police - Don't Get Fired

You are work as a Traffic Police. You are posted on a busy road  and your job is to catch those breaking rules.
Gameplay :- 
Stop any vehicle by clicking on it and interrogate the driver. 
You can ask these question in any order. Do it as fast as you can to achieve the daily target. Make sure driver,
1. Has valid license, PUC and other documets.

Drive India A 'HOW TO' GUIDE

Drive India A 'HOW TO' GUIDE is an edutainment game where players are given with different driving Scenarios associated with various traffic rules. Player has to figure out the rule and choose from given options. If player makes the right choices he progresses forward in the game, if not he will have to replay the scenarios. Each wrong choice will cost one life. three wrong choices will end the game. 

Aagey Se Right

Aagey Se Right” is a 2d top down game which intend to teach road safety and create awareness about the rules and regulations for the citizens of India.


This a car simulation game where player has the objective to reach his destination within the given time slot without violating the traffic safety rules.

Player will get fixed number of chances in each level to reach his destination.


Biohazard Zones is a mobile VR exclsuive game designed to play on Anroid and iOS platforms. The game story starts in Afghanisthan and travels to China, Japan, US, UK, India, Germany and finally ends in Africa. The story is rexperience through 10 different personalities from 10 different places where each personality contribute o significant amount of story narration.

Player gets to experience this story in an first person interactive mannar such as VR game. Try the game proto today from Google play store or iOS app store.