I've Been Watching you

This Psychological Thriller is a simulation game where user experiences first hand what it feels like to be hacked and your privacy invaded. The purpose of this game is to help spread awareness and help people understand the fear and helplessness a victim feels by putting the user in their shoes.

Fair warning: This game is not for the faint hearted

Cyber Protector

Cyber security: Privacy

ABOUT: Cyber protector is a game to protect you important data from malware such as Trojan, viruses etc using antimalware systems. A particular type of malware requires specialized anti- malware software to deal with it such as a virus can be detected and removed only through anti-virus system therefore the game requires you to select corresponding anti-malware at the right time to stop the attack from internet.

Gameplay: The game uses simple mouseclick input.


Crypto Soldier

Theme: Cyber Securiry in emerging Technologies - Crypocurrency

NOTE: Click "Run Anyway" in case your PC blocks installation.

Cypto Soldier is a system developed to protect Cryptocurrency from hackers!

You play as a Crypto Soldier; eleminate hacker programs and other cyber threats. At the same time you need to make sure you do not eleminate real tranactions and account access.


  • Hacker Programs
  • Data packets with wrong security code
  • Fake crypto currency


Cyber Go

 Cyber Go is a 2d game in which anti virus will protect the software as well as retrieve the virus harmed software.

The game consists of three waves in which the anti virus will play as offence and defense.

Theme : Cyber Warfare

Search the key to get to the software on wave 3..


Please open the game in high screen resolution and graphics quality for better game experience.



Rajiv is a sincere and hard working guy. Maybe that's why he is sad. An Anniversary date goes horribly wrong, leaving him regretful and dejected. Will he make peace with life? 

The game uses a custom built .txt parser that reads a text file written in a particular custom grammar to dynamically create new levels.

Everything in the game, from the art to the music to the code, has been made from scratch.


You play as secret a pure soul you need to find the baby soul to complete the level,
Collect three babies to complete the game
The goal of the game is to complete all the levels sequentially
The targeted audience for our game is mainly are teenage and children
The age would range from 8 to 18

A Tale

“ A story of a hero “



The game is based on the theme ‘fairy tale’. The player has to go through obstacles and enemies to restore balance to the land of magic.

The genre is adventure - platformer.

The game is targeted towards people of age 10+ and fantasy players.