The Reconnaissance is a fantasy game in which the player(Sia) has to travel through a path of
surreal looking weaponry in search of her crown which is stolen by one of the goblins of La La Land. And so the character's search for her crown justfies the game name.
Theme:The game covers up three themes which are: 
1. Fairy-tales

Dead Dreams

A game about an ordinary boy, with an extraordinary childhood, marred with stressful memories.
Will he be able to survive another nightmare? 

Press left click to call good memories towards you, and release to shoot.

Created by Nikhil Jolly and Rahul Parihar.

Survival Base

 During the intial stages of a zombie contagion,  Federal Emergency Management Agency, along with the military set up refugee camps in areas relatively free of undead to save refugees. Ideal locations would be military bases and posts since soldiers can be deployed quickly to secure the perimeter.