A Tale

“ A story of a hero “



The game is based on the theme ‘fairy tale’. The player has to go through obstacles and enemies to restore balance to the land of magic.

The genre is adventure - platformer.

The game is targeted towards people of age 10+ and fantasy players.


You play as secret a pure soul you need to find the baby soul to complete the level,
Collect three babies to complete the game
The targeted audience for our game is mainly are teenage and children
The age would range from 8 to 18
This specific audience were targeted as it is most populated with the maximum number as 2D
mobile games.

Virgin Haven

Game Name: Virgin Haven


Game Concept:

This game is based on refugees moving from an area of high disturbance like a war or calamity like nuclear fallout. The population of the country (MAGNOLIA) moves out in order to find a new haven. Since the population is not adequately provisioned, as by the help of few country side soldiers, they have to make their own way on foot for a new home.



Crowd simulator



The game has two levels with two different situations.


Atlas of Survivors

The themes for the game are Refugees and Generative.

Atlas of Survivors is a survival game featuring procedural 2D map generation where players explore the map as refugees trying to survive in a wasteland. They employ various resources they find on the map while under threat from bandits and hunger. 

RAJCE-The Refugee

As we all know that a debt is still going on that a tomato is fruit or vegetable. So we came with an idea here the character of a tomato certainly suits the theme refugee. The game is about a tomato who is kicked out by a group of vegetables at starting of the game and he escapes the vegetable market and surives to the next level, which is a fruit market and simultaneously kicked out from there too and we should surive the 2nd level, finaly after getting kicked out by both groups the tomato realises that it's not a fruit or not a vegetable, but he is unique.  Thats how game ends