From the beginning we envisioned Psychosis as a method of tackling an intriguing problem: one that stretches across the boundaries of our imaginations and enables to display the highest levels of our  technical skills.  


The year is 2050, every portal that man had opened up to other planets and areas in space has been taken over. The world is under duress. All the defence forces of the world have ordered a state of DEFCON 1 (Defence Condition 1). Step into the shoes of Jason, the last marine trained to fight of all aliens and evil, and fight hordes of enemies and save planet Earth from being taken over.

Good Robot

Good Robot is a fast-paced roguelike shoot-em-up that pits you against thousands of robots out to violate your warranty. Explore a procedurally generated sci-fi metropolis and the depths of corporate depravity, but never stop shooting...unless, of course, you're a Bad Robot. You're not, are you?


Click To Update

No system is secure from viruses causing severe damage, be it individual or an organization. Security Tools like antivirus, firewall, etc. help you to protect from such malicious viruses. But not updating these tools to the latest version may again put you at risk. And "Click to Update" is helps you to update your your system from time to time.

It's a clicker / idle game where your goal is to earn as much Security Points (SP) as fast you can. Use these SP's to update the security tools. These tools then take care of removing the viruses.

So, get clickin'.

DronA Project

This is a Sci-Fi game inspired from the famous Terminator series.

The human world is taken over by the machines and humans have to keep their heads low to survive.

Instructions: (Sorry the game does not explain this properly, I had too little time to work on all the aspects)

Om Nom Nom

Its Mayhem in OL' Nom Town, The Noms have gone Bonkers!. The Town Of OL' Nom is flooded with Noms trying to gobble up each other.

Play as one of the Noms and try not to get gobbled up by the others and at the same time try and gobble up as many other Noms as possible!