When it Began

Genre: platformer, puzzle

Platform: PC

After coming in contact with an ancient artifact, you must pass through time itself to rid yourself of the black magic.

Solve puzzles and pass obstacles in three different dimensions to complete your journey....

The game uses the butterfly-effect to solve puzzles between the present, past and future

Ripples Through Time

Puzzle game which requires the player to control two different characters in two different time periods. The player's goal is to progress through levels. The girl in the present is required to progress through the archway to proceed to the next level. The player must analyse the situation in the present and the past and solve the puzzles accordingly. Both time periods can affect each other equally, 
Team Members:
Alankrith Shankar
George Zacharias
Inosha Dhingra
Naman Merchant


DuarTron is a puzzle game, in a planet named DuarTron where you invade as an alien.
DuarTron is a planet in which the scientiest have developed a technology to have both gravity and
antigravity, and your task being from the rival planet is to steal the informations related to it and escape from DuarTron.

I x I'

Themes: Gravity & Infinity.

Description - 

I x I' is a casual endless game where you play as two lovers who are the same people from two parallel universes being pulled back again. 

But due to the bond of their love they try to move ahead just to find a place where they can meet and be together forever.


I.S.A.A.C. (Intricacies of Space Age Anomalies Continued) is a first person 3D experience platformer.

The player character's objective is to complete a series of tests designed by an omnipresent AI. Set in  outer space, the game seeks to educate the player on the concepts of spacetime and gravity with the help of mechanics that manipulate spacetime and gravity.

Ping Pong Dash

Whoosh!!! Swoosh!!! and Boom!!!!  Ping Pong Dash Will Make you move!!

Prepare yourself for next epic arcade game of the century!!1 :p

Brace yourself for a simple single player ping pong  game, where user controls the time. User  slow downs the time where ever required to land safely.. 

I Bet No One Can Play Just Once... Tan Ta Da.. :p

So Check out Your reflexes and challenge your friends. 

P.S : Dont Forget to post your score in Comments. :p


-Developed by Chakit Patel


In the game, there are three major game elements.

DESPATCHER - That sends the objects that it holds, onto other two elements.
RELOCATOR - That helps both DESPATCHER and ACCUMULATOR to bridge the gap and fill the slots.
ACCUMULATOR - That receieve elements from DESPATCHER and RELOCATOR to fill its slots.

In the game, player has to send objects to fill the missing slots of ACCUMULATOR | RELOCATOR, via DESPATCHER AND RELOCATOR.