DronA Project

This is a Sci-Fi game inspired from the famous Terminator series.

The human world is taken over by the machines and humans have to keep their heads low to survive.

Instructions: (Sorry the game does not explain this properly, I had too little time to work on all the aspects)

Om Nom Nom

Its Mayhem in OL' Nom Town, The Noms have gone Bonkers!. The Town Of OL' Nom is flooded with Noms trying to gobble up each other.

Play as one of the Noms and try not to get gobbled up by the others and at the same time try and gobble up as many other Noms as possible!


Kingdom of Peria is one of the wonderful and peaceful places. Peria has got one of the strongest armies in the world. But their whole strength lies in their bowmen, known for their accurate and stunning shooting skills. The kingdom is surrounded by thick woods and denser forests. The forest is filled with most cruel race of cannibals and half men.

Osiris Down

A fictional planet, Osiris, was protected from aliens by an artificial protective shield. Inspite of being artificial, Shield was affected due to environmental changes happened due to careless Osirians, resident of Osiris. The shield broke and made a portal through which the alien entered the planet and started destruction.

Jaeger, a responsible resident of Osiris, decides to fight back, wipe out the aliens and start an emergency response system to stop futher invasion.

Shadow of Rambox

Shadow of Rambox is a fast paced & addicting 2D Platformer game. The game uses its addicting simple core mechanics and level design to get the player to keep on replaying the level and finish it through trial & error. The player has the freedom to either adopt a risky fast paced playstyle or a slower but safer playstyle.

The core game mechanic are based on Einstein's theory of relativity, which basically means that energy can’t be destroyed, instead it's transferred.