The Hamster's Way

The Hamster’s Way is a physics based 2d side scrolling puzzle game, where you embody a hamster and fight your way through a series of obstacles and puzzles with help of the ‘Gravity Gun’. Discover new ways to solve physics based puzzles by powerfully interacting with the environment using the gun.

Set in the outlandish universe, the game revolves around Harry the Hamster who after years of practice has successfully brought his gravity gun to life. Now he is all set to start his journey.

The Flameless Age

A wacky adventure game from the eyes of a hungover snarky scientist. Travel through time, both literally and figuratively as you play a game that's inspired from the late 90's adventure game genre. Travel through time. Solve puzzles. And don't get drunk and science.


Switch is to Time what Portal is to Space.

Switch is a Top-Down Puzzle-Solver Game where the Player uses a special tool called the Time Gun, which has the power to send an object back in time by hitting it with Projectiles.

The Player must make his way through levels containing Portals, Switches, Toggle Switches and Time Immutable Objects. The Game has three levels for you to solve using the Time gun and your wits. Enjoy!

Default Controls:


Elyisum is a time bending platformer where you play as the Elana the time fairy. Sensing a disturbance in the fabric of time, it traverse through lands in search of the primodial time crystal.

The player can use elana to move to a past or future state through phase shift. Elana can use phase shift to go through wall and obstacles. However the fabrice of times are fragile, and every time the player takes damage, the time stability reduces.

When it Began

Genre: platformer, puzzle

Platform: PC

After coming in contact with an ancient artifact, you must pass through time itself to rid yourself of the black magic.

Solve puzzles and pass obstacles in three different dimensions to complete your journey....

The game uses the butterfly-effect to solve puzzles between the present, past and future

Ripples Through Time

Puzzle game which requires the player to control two different characters in two different time periods. The player's goal is to progress through levels. The girl in the present is required to progress through the archway to proceed to the next level. The player must analyse the situation in the present and the past and solve the puzzles accordingly. Both time periods can affect each other equally, 
Team Members:
Alankrith Shankar
George Zacharias
Inosha Dhingra
Naman Merchant


DuarTron is a puzzle game, in a planet named DuarTron where you invade as an alien.
DuarTron is a planet in which the scientiest have developed a technology to have both gravity and
antigravity, and your task being from the rival planet is to steal the informations related to it and escape from DuarTron.