Candy Lover

An alien visiting Earth falls in love with a rocky object. This sugary rock is called, in Earthly terms: Candy. Thankfully, the people of Earth were celebrating Halloween! Candy is a guarantee for our alien now! Will you help him get as many candies as possible? But, be wary of the humans, you must not get caught! ;)
Detailed description (Please read this if it's your first time playing):


A Mouse-avoider game by Bhadana & Bros. ELUDE is a mix of stealth, reflexes and timing. Fight in space in a new style of game-play and find amazing perks for your ship that will make the game play rise to a new level or insane.

Defend Your Space

'Defend Your Space' is an EXTREMELY FAST PACED 2 player Real time strategy/Base defense game in a unique isometric view!

The aim of the game is to destroy the other players main tower and the opposite end of the screen and make sure the enemy doesn't destroy yours!

To do this , you have to increase your space on the game and try to reach the other side.

But at the same time , you have to 'Defend your Space' against the enemy ;)

City Swat Fighter

The Coyhot ships are invading the Earth. They come from distant galaxy Quima 559 and are armed with plasma turrets. The only way to stop them is our Command force, City Swat Fighter.

★ 3 swat ships to unlock
★ 2 arenas to play
★ Compete with your friends
★ online leader board and score support
★ 7 achievements to unlock