Ballistic Ball

Basket ball meets battle Royale in this physics based 2D multiplayer, fuelled by jet packs and arm canons where you choose from a variety of high-flying trigger happy battle mech suits to make amazing aerial goals and make impossible saves while using every surface available in the map or simply loadup your canon and annihilate anything that comes in your way.

World Cricket Battle

World Cricket Battle

World Cricket Battle (WCB) is the upcoming most advanced 3D Cricket Game developed by Creative Monkey Games & Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


·        User friendly controls

·        Top Class Graphics and Animations

·        Futuristic Gameplay with Advanced AI

·        Best Cricket Simulation with Realistic Physics

·        Tournaments (ODI, Test and League Cups)

·        Leaderboards

·        Features that any cricket fan would love to have…


Meteora is a hardcore fast paced survival space racer in which you play as a Meteor trying to survive the beautiful but hostile space  where everything is working against you from forces, matter to time. Choose your route around space matter, asteroid fields, eroding planets and many more unrelenting space events. Experience an existence in the blurry flux racing other meteors and a clock that never stops...

Step Up : Monk Battle

Step Up: Monk Battle is a tactical , real time turn based card battle race between two monks to the top of a mystical mountain. Much like Snakes & Ladders, the path to the top is strewn with blue and red dragons who speed you up and push you down respectively. However, you cannot see these dragons on your way but your opponent can and must suggest the next step that you could possibly take. As the player , you have the freedom to choose the next step of your liking . Beware, of hidden cards or dragons though,  they bite!

Jolly Rogers: Pirates Rumble

Jolly Rogers : Pirates Rumble is a top-down fast-paced action arena couch co-op game designed to be played along with friends and family. The game is being built on Unity engine and targeted primarily towards PC users. 

The game features pirates from different regions of the world with unique abilities which can be unleashed against fellow players. Players can compete against each other in different fun modes with different objectives to win.

Movie Studio Tycoon

Start your own Movie studio in any decade between 1930s and 1990s. Replay the history of Movie Making in this business simulation game. 
Make Movies with the best known Actors and Directors of their time. Research new Technologies and create Blockbuster Movies. Make bigger and better studios with state-of-the-art Movie Sets. Train your Actors and Directors to Win Oskars. Become the biggest name in Movie Making history. 
- Start your own Movie Development company in any decade from 1930s to 1990s

Mukti - A story exploration game

Mukti is a first person story exploration game set in India.

"Vikram Roy, was on his biggest excavation to the mesmerizing lands of Sundarbans in West Bengal for discovering the ruins of Pala Dynasty. Nearing the end of excavation, news broke out all over India that Vikram and his colleagues executed mass killing of a tribe protecting the dynasty to acquire the century-old artifacts from the excavation and they are on a run"

A story of an Indian museum with an undiscovered truth at its heart and a girl on the pursuit of freedom.