Jolly Rogers: Pirates Rumble

Jolly Rogers : Pirates Rumble is a top-down fast-paced action arena couch co-op game designed to be played along with friends and family. The game is being built on Unity engine and targeted primarily towards PC users. 

The game features pirates from different regions of the world with unique abilities which can be unleashed against fellow players. Players can compete against each other in different fun modes with different objectives to win.

Movie Studio Tycoon

Start your own Movie studio in any decade between 1930s and 1990s. Replay the history of Movie Making in this business simulation game. 
Make Movies with the best known Actors and Directors of their time. Research new Technologies and create Blockbuster Movies. Make bigger and better studios with state-of-the-art Movie Sets. Train your Actors and Directors to Win Oskars. Become the biggest name in Movie Making history. 
- Start your own Movie Development company in any decade from 1930s to 1990s

Mukti - A story exploration game

Mukti is a first person story exploration game set in India.

"Vikram Roy, was on his biggest excavation to the mesmerizing lands of Sundarbans in West Bengal for discovering the ruins of Pala Dynasty. Nearing the end of excavation, news broke out all over India that Vikram and his colleagues executed mass killing of a tribe protecting the dynasty to acquire the century-old artifacts from the excavation and they are on a run"

A story of an Indian museum with an undiscovered truth at its heart and a girl on the pursuit of freedom.


Your eyes are your worst enemy - they fool you every day.
Experience a room which looks surreal when you first look at it, only when you open your eyes and start looking at things from different perspectives, it all makes sense.
Possessions is a simple 3D-isometric puzzle game about perception, obsessions and a family.
The first impression is not always the last impression.

The Med Life

Medical error is a disease!

According to the study published by British Medical Journal, medical errors are the 3rd largest killer in the US. It estimates that more than 250,000 Americans die each year from medical errors.

WHO's European data shows that medical error and healthcare related adverse events occur in 8% to 12% of hospitalizations.

“The Med Life” takes on the same major problem of medical errors which is claiming thousands of lives on regular basis and aims to reduce it by providing a rock solid platform and revolutionary content environment.


In a post nuclear world filled with mutants and zombies, you are deployed to take humanity back to its roots, fight hordes in our singleplayer missionsor go for a more elaborate PvP action in our multiplayer version! Nuke warriors are the last hope of humanity and you are one of them!!


The Game Is about Car Battles. The Game Is From The Future. A World where Car battle desides the destiny of an individual. Explore Your Journey from an individual to an underworld King.

Game Features:-

1.Open World:- The Game Is Set On an unknown Future City 

2. Cars with weapons:- This Game is all about car battles so it includes weapons in car. which are upgradeable.