Since Humans took over the planet, a lot of things changed. With advancements in science and technology the world has become a better place to live in. Well, is that true?  With all the advancements we often fail to realize the negatives that they bring along. The most alarming among them is POLLUTION. The ever growing population, emits wastes exponentially and now the big cities have decided to dump their wastes in small clean cities. People of small cities are worried and decided to seek help. Guess who, his name is Mr. Ecobot, yes he’s a robot who loves nature!


Welcome to Labyrinth! A jungle based platformer. The player has crashed his plane in the middle of a jungle. His crew is waiting at the end of the jungle. Survive through the jungle with the limited amount of torches which is the only source of light. Now its up to you how you lead the way! Also beware there are things which become active at night.


Enter the Labyrinth now!

Kill 'em All

Kill 'em All is a first-person endless zombie survival shooter based in a post-apocalyptic city.
Primary Objectives:
-Shoot to survive.
-Aim true.
-Last as long as possible.
Survive through endless incoming waves of flesh-eating zombies who don't stop & keep on coming. The faster you are, the better. As you progress, you are rewarded with weapon upgrades & ammo drops and the zombies keep on increasing - in number, in speed and damage dealt.


"Supervision" is a short puzzle game, where you will have to reach the door without completely losing your power


Arrow Keys to Move

R to restart a level
To control objects in the surroundings, press space and then x to select the objects. Then Press Enter to activate the selected object

Made within 72 hours for the 39th Ludum Dare


PowerPlay presents Pass the Bomb, the first ever real-time multiplayer html5 trivia quiz game. You have limited time to answer a question and PASS THE BOMB! Play with real people in real-time. Everyone gets a limited number of lives, the game results are declared in a knockout style tournament and the winner takes all!


Enter the Battle Arena! Starring for the first time the Oko Family, fighting for honor of the family in the O-Land.

Oko - S, the scientists in the O-Land has given different shells and powers to Oko to win the battles and to collect more formulations enabling upgrade of inventory. The Experimental shells range from Bomb-Shells to Zone-Shells to Magical Powers. The science Homosepiens have dreamt of is already being tried in the O-Land.