It's a 1 v/s 1 fighting game where you choose your character and enter into the arena to dominate the other player, but beware of the danger lurking in the arena.

Keyboard (player1) + Controller (player 2) needed to play.

Cpt. Comet

Cpt. Comet (Captain Comet) is a defence game where the player takes the role of a Comet who is trying to save the planets of the Soalr System from complete annihilation.

The overlord of the universe has become tired with the planets of the Solar System and wants to destroy it by sending massive Asteroids and Rockets towards each individual planet of the Solar System. Now, it is upto our little Captain Comet to save the planets from being wiped away from existence by destroying all the hazards before they have the chance to reach the planets.


Nasa found out that the conspiracy has been planned to destroy our planet earth by the Aliens with their war machines. To save our Planet, NASA came up  with a plan to send a Space fighter in the space to destroy  aliens and  their existence. This leads to the war to save humanity and mankind.
Aliens come to fight with their UFOs, Dual shooter fighter, the mega Fighter.
And then there is a NASAs space fightership with you riding it and and trying to save our planet earth by Destroying enemy Fighterships.


It is a plat-former, puzzle game where you play as a a little kid. The kid cast a spell which converted his father into a monster. His father loses health when he is exposed to light. The player has to interact with the objects in the environment to block off all light sources, allowing his father to make it to the end of the level alive.

Screamy Hallow

In Screamy Hallow, the player controls a little girl called Lisa. The objective of the game is to collect as many candies by ringing the doorbells of each house in the given time limit. There are many collectibles scattered through out the map. When Lisa picks these items up it makes her look scarier hence yielding more candies, but be warned the more item the player collects the heavier they get makiing the player slower.



Travel through space as a comet, tap into the gravitational field of different planets to navigate your way to the portal.

Use the letters indicated on each planet to pull/push yourself away from them.
Press space to continue to the next level
Press Enter to restart a level.