Sky Sutra

A fast paced two-player competitive action platformer, which features two roles: leader and chaser. Only the leader can collect points from the game world and by running and jumping he creates the path which the chaser needs to follow. The chaser can shoot to stun the leader and take his place. The player to have a point advantage of a fixed number wins the round. 


This game is targeted for fun expected users and also provides with amazing visual, physics in 2D platform. This game is all about controlling the gravity in all directions. You move through the level and carry objects to finish the game. Moreover you can even fly by using combination of keys which gives you amazing user experience. 

Link to Download The game


Ani The Time Winder

Ani: The timewinder follows the mystical tale of a wandering spirit through magical lands.
Play as Ani and use her time winding powers- which allows her to see and alter the past, and subsequently change your present, in order to find out the secret of the ruins you are stuck in.

Overcome these hurdles to uncover the dark past surrounding Ani and her powers.

Ani: The TimeWinder is a 2D Puzzle platformer where the player has to manipulate objects in the past and present in order to clear objectives.


In 2058, nuclear war takes place and the world again goes in dark age, all the technologies are ruined. Fortunately time travel machine is developed by that time  and a survivor decides to rebuild the civilization by bringing the technology from the past. 

Big Boolean Day

You are Akhil Patel. CXO of ClipFart.com

You have to survive the Big Boolean Day sale. If you don't set thing's right, a lot will be at risk. Including your job.

Big Boolean Day is an Interactive Ficiton game with non-linear time.

Created by Sanchit Gulati and K V Ketan.