Play God

Devil is up to one of his mischief but this time he went too far and damaged your precious world. Play as God, repair the damage and heal the broken world.

Play God is minimalistic puzzle games that puts you in the shoes of the God. Assemble the broken magical cubes and join them. Fix broken structures, monuments and save the world. But beware! Devil will not rest and his minions will try their best to stop you.

Being developed by Chennai based Weloadin Studio, Play God is Dropout Games' first full-scale Publishing venture.

Rig's Dream

Rig a young school boy hates english. He does not seem to remember spellings. Often resulting in being punished and his fellow students having a laugh at him. The night before the english test in school, he is upset, stressed and afraid. He sleeps trying to calm himself down. Rig then has a dream; he falls into a dreamland full of letters where the teacher now turned witch awaits him. The only way to survive and get out is by making words out of the letters around him.

Cubots -The Origins

CUBOTS:THE ORIGINS provides light-hearted insight into a cube's life. Usually, cube games are basic puzzle games, but this is more like an action-adventure puzzle game. The main objective is to have the Cubot take the blessed cube to the goal. Players need to study and analyse the level to proceed further and achieve this goal.

Music Game App

Initially, added Level 1 with important musical instruments available across the Globe which are used in various types of Music compositions & you have to tap or click on the correct name to identify that particular musical instrument. I have done some more strong research to make such one more important content to provide some more interactive education for International markets, good & easy learning experience too along with playing; & to also promote correct use of Gadgets, Smartphones or Tablet PC etc. I have developed this Music Game App using GameSalad.


In a world of alphabets, 'I' is suddenly alone. Where did all his friends go ? Was it because he became too self-centered ? Was it just.. I, me.. myself ? Come join him as he sets out on a journey to redeem himself.. an adventure across typographical lands, laden with traps and puzzles, and help him rescue and win back his once cherished friends.

Blokstok Street Fight Madness

Blokstok Street Fight Madness is a new twist on the street fighting genre of games.

It is intended to be a mobile first game targeted at mid-core gamers and takes a new twist on the genre with an interesting storyline and characters that we expect the users will identify with - with minimum of blood rather than having characters that are caricatures or characters that are overly gory.

We are not revealing much of the story here to avoid giving away too many spoilers as the final game will be fairly story driven.

Bot Rods


Bot Rods is a high adrenaline racing game set in a futuristic world.

The Bot Rods world is inhabited by adorable characters from many species and their equally lovable B​ots(robot vehicles).

The game is about all out racing and using a trick or two to slow down your opponents , including quirky weapon pods and down right ramming your opponents to slow them down.But watch out ..what you do unto others can easily be done to you.

Play nice or play mean.. the finish line is your ultimate goal.


Enemy Waters

In its simplest form, Enemy Waters is a cat and mouse game between submarines and ships. The player will control a naval fleet comprising of ships and submarines, using which he has to outsmart and outflank his enemy's fleet.

Once Upon a Bike

Once Upon a Bike is a physics based bike building game. Build a bike from a huge collection of parts to transport different characters to the end point of a level. Make sure to do this without the characters falling off the bike or the bike breaking apart or the bike running out of energy.

Think it will be easy? Well then think again, as we take you on a journey spanning 5 different worlds and more than 100 levels.