In 2058, nuclear war takes place and the world again goes in dark age, all the technologies are ruined. Fortunately time travel machine is developed by that time  and a survivor decides to rebuild the civilization by bringing the technology from the past. 

Big Boolean Day

You are Akhil Patel. CXO of ClipFart.com

You have to survive the Big Boolean Day sale. If you don't set thing's right, a lot will be at risk. Including your job.

Big Boolean Day is an Interactive Ficiton game with non-linear time.

Created by Sanchit Gulati and K V Ketan.


aNDHA bHAGEDU is a adventure platformer game. In this game a scientient tries to make a time machine but fails in the process and goes in a loop.


  • a and d  to move
  • shift to grab objects
  • space to jump

The game is made by Team Godly Greeds

  • Game Programmer: Sid Rawat
  • Level Designer: Pawan Sandhar
  • Level and Sound designer: Nadeem Rafique
  • Game art: Ankit Nayak
  • Game art: Surendran


Impulse is a 2D Puzzle Platformer with a very simple objective. Don't hit the black boxes. You're stranded on a very weird planet where you can control the gravity with your awesome gravity gun.

The gravity gun can pull objects toward the ground or push them up, but be careful! After you have used a pull or push, you can't use the same force again. Also dont forget to collect the green nuclear box, they have a slowing effect on time! Strategize well and get the highest scores.


Time's power has depleted, causing the world to come to a standstill. 
Nothing is moving. Nothing is breathing. 
Everyone and everything just frozen in an eternity of nothingness. 
Only time himself can hope to save the world.
But with his power almost gone...can he?

Show me the way

Show me the way is a procedurally generated infinite runner game for desktop and mobile, made with geometric shapes.

It's fast, it's fun ! The physic of the floor is often disturbed by a special blue square, giving a craziness feeling about the scene. All this coming along on rhythm with the wonderful music "Pigs World" by Anticeptik Kaotek.
Will you beat the high score?

Controls: Click, tap, or push any key to jump.
You can perform double jumps to handle bigger gaps.