Threye interactive presents its latest VR flight combat game : ACE VR Red Baron.
Based on World War 1, the game features iconic aircrafts from the era, the most iconic being the Red Baron.
With an easy to control flight engine, you can experience the the joy of flight around scenic terrains
while being highly immersed in Virtual Reality.

The Forgotten Forest - VR Game

The Forgotten Forest is a virtual reality survival game, in which the protagonist's car breaks down and he's left stranded in a dark forest infested with the undead. The only weapon he has is an old glock that he kept inside his car's glove compartment.
The game is about surviving the horrific journey through the long forgotten forest which was infamous for inhabiting the innumerable amount of living dead. As you delve deeper inside the forest the environment becomes more surreal and the enemies become more fierce.


In a post nuclear world filled with mutants and zombies, you are deployed to take humanity back to its roots, fight hordes in our singleplayer missionsor go for a more elaborate PvP action in our multiplayer version! Nuke warriors are the last hope of humanity and you are one of them!!


REWIND is a suspense thriller Virtual Reality Game based on Hidden Object genre. Inspired by Object finding Games and VR technologies, we decided to make Suspense Game in based on Hidden object genre while utilising the Virtual Reality technology. The user will play the role of detective to solve a mystery case with several levels. Feel lively blend within the Game while playing in VR mode.