Spidey Escape

Spidey Escape is an exciting game of scared "SPIIDER" which lost in the Dark Forest of deadly species, Enjoy this thrilling and fun filled Survival adventure. By escaping from scary creatures by killing in the dark forest and collect coins to Unlock levels in the gameplay. The concept in an epic of feeling alone in a scary forest with stunning vissual effects and surviving for your life from deadly Creatures.

Muhammad Ali: Puzzle King

The official game featuring boxing legend Muhammad Ali, “The Greatest of All Time!”

Exciting match-3 game meets fast and furious boxing action in the most exciting puzzle game for mobile phones and tablets.

Relive the amazing journey of Muhammad Ali, from the gyms of Louisville, Kentucky to his ascent as the greatest Champion boxing has ever seen.

You control the boxing action. The more like-colored boxing gloves you connect, the harder and more powerful Ali’s punches are. Experience the thrill of knocking out your opponents and becoming a boxing champ.


Game Overview
Research suggests: across a wide range of species, time perception is directly related to size. That is to say, the smaller an animal is, the slower time passes. It’s related to faster response times which lead to fast-paced lives of most small creatures. It is the reason insects and flies have a shorter life span and flies, in particular, have a faster reaction time which allows them to avoid being swatted easily.

Om Nom Nom

Its Mayhem in OL' Nom Town, The Noms have gone Bonkers!. The Town Of OL' Nom is flooded with Noms trying to gobble up each other.

Play as one of the Noms and try not to get gobbled up by the others and at the same time try and gobble up as many other Noms as possible!