Windows Phone

Music Game App

Initially, added Level 1 with important musical instruments available across the Globe which are used in various types of Music compositions & you have to tap or click on the correct name to identify that particular musical instrument. I have done some more strong research to make such one more important content to provide some more interactive education for International markets, good & easy learning experience too along with playing; & to also promote correct use of Gadgets, Smartphones or Tablet PC etc. I have developed this Music Game App using GameSalad.

Blokstok Street Fight Madness

Blokstok Street Fight Madness is a new twist on the street fighting genre of games.

It is intended to be a mobile first game targeted at mid-core gamers and takes a new twist on the genre with an interesting storyline and characters that we expect the users will identify with - with minimum of blood rather than having characters that are caricatures or characters that are overly gory.

We are not revealing much of the story here to avoid giving away too many spoilers as the final game will be fairly story driven.

Santa's Christrmas Candy

Help Santa to Get back All Christmas Candy from the Party.
‘Santa's Christmas Candy’ is a fun festive Christmas game that will test your skills & is loads of fun. 
Catch candies of various shapes, sizes & colors as they pop in the air & then drop into Santa Claus’ big gift sack.
So let’s bring in the festive cheer of Christmas to our phones and spread “Joy to the World”.
The game is played over two modes:


An unconventional Endless Leaper!

You play as BLUK, an average block character traversing the worlds unseen or failed by the ones before it, in a search for it's true form.

Being a highscore chaser/endless game with a story hidden beneath, the real world physics in the game is tuned to keep the player on his/her toes.

Will you ever find what you are looking for? What will you find? Is the legend of the red mountain true afterall? And more importantly... Will you even land on the next column?



Kingdom of Peria is one of the wonderful and peaceful places. Peria has got one of the strongest armies in the world. But their whole strength lies in their bowmen, known for their accurate and stunning shooting skills. The kingdom is surrounded by thick woods and denser forests. The forest is filled with most cruel race of cannibals and half men.

Osiris Down

A fictional planet, Osiris, was protected from aliens by an artificial protective shield. Inspite of being artificial, Shield was affected due to environmental changes happened due to careless Osirians, resident of Osiris. The shield broke and made a portal through which the alien entered the planet and started destruction.

Jaeger, a responsible resident of Osiris, decides to fight back, wipe out the aliens and start an emergency response system to stop futher invasion.

Bird Of Light

Name: Bird of Light 
Genre: Arcade action/puzzle platformer
Platforms: iOS, Android
Free-to-play with IAPs.
Bird of Light blends grid-and-tile based 2D puzzles with traditional 3D twitch swipe-and turn running and jumping. 
A challenging game that tests the players' logic, memory and skill, 
the design of the game allows players to come up with multiple solutions for levels.