Rules & Terms for NGF Awards 2017

The following rules and terms will be applicable on games that wish to compete for the NGF Awards.
Eligibility Criteria
To participate in the awards, the game submitted:
  • Should be an original work of authorship of the participant. It must be independently developed by the participant and the participant must own the rights to all resources and assets used in the game, or have appropriate licenses for use of the same.
  • Should not have any objectionable content including but not limited to content that is unnecessarily violent, racist, sexist, offensive, illegal or hateful.
  • Should not infringe any third party's intellectual property or privacy.
  • Should not in any other way violate Indian laws
  • Should be owned by an Indian entity
Rules and Terms for the Award
All game submissions will be reviewed for content and compliance with these Official Rules before being judged. Entries found to be in contravention of the Official Rules or otherwise deemed by the contest organizers, at their sole discretion, to be inappropriate will be disqualified. The organizers reserve the right to make the final determination as to what games are eligible to take part in this Contest.
  • Each developer is allowed to make a maximum of THREE submissions for consideration.
  • The developer can submit a game for ONE award category only.
  • For a game to be considered, it should be proposed by the developer for relevant categories through an open submission form on the NGF Awards website ( only.
  • Only games first released between the time period October 1, 2016 – September 30, 2017 can be submitted for the awards.
  • A playable build of the game has to be submitted for eligibility and consideration in the awards
  • In addition, the form for game submission will include requests for screenshots and video to help with the game filtering process.
  • Submission of the build and ensuring that it is received and is playable for the awards is the developer's responsibility. The organisers will not be responsible for ensuring/verifying the correct submission of applications to the awards.
  • The NGF Awards team will make sure they have the popular representative devices needed to examine the game. While care will be taken to ensure that the popular platforms are stocked, any additional devices/accessories required for gameplay will need to be provided by the developer. The developer may choose to ship the unique devices/accessories to the Awards team instead of having it hand-delivered, and will have to bear the cost for onward and return shipping.
  • Games should be submitted in one of the following formats, and mentioned as such in the submission form:
    • Accessible link for free download.
    • CD/DVD/USB containing game, which is shipped to the NGF Awards team.
    • Through distribution platforms like TestFlight
    • Through an installable key (like a Steam key, a Desura key, an iTune Promo Code)
    • If a board game, it will need to be shipped to the NGF Awards team (onwards and return cost accepted by the developer).
  • For consideration for any category, the game should have been developed in India. However, games, where a minor portion has been developed outside of India, will also be accepted.
  • All submissions and awardees will be announced and showcased publicly. If for any reasons you don't want your game to be showcased publicly, please avoid submitting for the award.
Award Categories
  • For eligibility for the Student category, proof of the developing team being enrolled in an educational institution for the current or last academic year will need to be submitted.
  • For eligibility for the Indie category, it is necessary that the ownership of the IPs for the game belong to an Indian entity with less than 30 members; and the game should have been developed entirely self-funded.
  • For eligibility for the Upcoming Games category, we request and recommend that only those games be submitted for which the developer is confident that they will be released by the end of March 2018. In the best interests of creating visibility and exposure for the winning game, the winning game should capitalize on the award and not let the hype lose out in time.
Review and Judgments
  • Organisers cannot assure timely review of submissions owing to the large number of submissions and limited resources. Ensure that you follow all the timelines and are constantly in touch with the organisers.
  • The developer reserves the right to withdraw the submission at any point during the process for the NGF Awards. Similarly, the NGF Awards team reserves the right to withdraw any game from being considered, while providing the reason for withdrawal either directly to the developer or, if decided by the organizers, on the NGF forum.
  • A call for volunteers, if needed, will be made on the NGF forum for those willing to help filter the number of submissions to ten games per category.
  • For the Jury’s choice award, there will be one winner, one runner-up and up to three honorable mentions.
Recognition and Prizes
  • Press releases will be issued mentioning the winners of the awards, and the prizes awarded to them.
  • Opportunity for coverage and interviews in the news - in popular media forms - Online, TV, newspaper, radio etc. (Including regular sources of information related to game development).
  • The winners and runners-up will receive citations from the NGF Awards for their accomplishment.
  • In addition to the above, the following categories will receive a cash prize:
    • Indie game of the year (Jury)
    • Student game of the year (Jury)
  • All games that have won or were amongst the final shortlist will be made available for play at the NGDC showcase, and at subsequent city meets.
  • Developers who reach the finalist stage for the NGFA will receive two complimentary passes to the NGDC.
Good Faith
  • The jury’s decision is final as far as the awards are concerned, while the organisers decision is final as far as the organisation of the awards are concerned.
  • The participants understand and acknowledge that the organisers are working with the best intentions to organise the awards. However, due to shortage of insights or limitations of resources, unforeseen mistakes may occur. As the Awards team, we’ll be in constant touch and request your timely feedback in such scenarios.
Important Dates
  • Games published within this time window will qualify for nominations: October 11, 2016 - September 30, 2017
  • Deadline for Game nomination: September 30, 2017
  • Deadline for Upcoming Game nominations: October 15, 2017
  • Upcoming games Jury showcase: November 8, 2017
  • Results announced at NGDC 2017, Hyderabad: November 9, 2017