2d game


You play as secret a pure soul you need to find the baby soul to complete the level,
Collect three babies to complete the game
The goal of the game is to complete all the levels sequentially
The targeted audience for our game is mainly are teenage and children
The age would range from 8 to 18

RAJCE-The Refugee

As we all know that a debt is still going on that a tomato is fruit or vegetable. So we came with an idea here the character of a tomato certainly suits the theme refugee. The game is about a tomato who is kicked out by a group of vegetables at starting of the game and he escapes the vegetable market and surives to the next level, which is a fruit market and simultaneously kicked out from there too and we should surive the 2nd level, finaly after getting kicked out by both groups the tomato realises that it's not a fruit or not a vegetable, but he is unique.  Thats how game ends


Since Humans took over the planet, a lot of things changed. With advancements in science and technology the world has become a better place to live in. Well, is that true?  With all the advancements we often fail to realize the negatives that they bring along. The most alarming among them is POLLUTION. The ever growing population, emits wastes exponentially and now the big cities have decided to dump their wastes in small clean cities. People of small cities are worried and decided to seek help. Guess who, his name is Mr. Ecobot, yes he’s a robot who loves nature!

Gurbani Game App

My purpose of also developing Gurbani Game App is to promote more Gurbani across the Globe & to help & support Globe to learn, revise or recite Gurbani in interactive & easy way using the correct use of their Gadgets, Smartphones or Tablet PC etc. & to also promote Sikhism, good works, Indian & other Cultures etc.

Tourism Game App

In Level 1, there are around 16 important Places located in India & you have to tap or click on correct name to identify that particular important Place. I have personally taken all Photographs & I have edited them using Open Source software GIMP. I have developed this Tourism Game App using GameSalad.