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Bounce Up!

Bounce Up! is a fast paced, free obstacles game that will challenge your skills and reflexes. Each level is designed to make you choose the right path while making quick decisions to avoid the moving obstacles.

Bounce UP!” Featured in World’s Fastest Software


Cancro is all about traversing whole cellular structure and destroying the cancer cells leading to a healthy life.

Its a generative game where on every cell traversal new cells gets exposed. Tapping on the cells makes the capsule bounce towards the new cell and destroy it. But take care not to keep the capsule too long on the destroyed cell else you will lose you capsule :)

Also take care not to tap on the already destroyed cell :)

Enjoy the game play and have fun :)

Lock n Key

Lock and Key is another traditional Indian chase and run game made fun on mobile. Players play as wild characters with super powers on an island which is collapsing part by part. With 4 players on the island, 1 player plays as a chaser, the other 3 are runners that run away from it. The concept is as simple as the name. The chaser is supposed to tag all the runners. Once tagged, the runner gets locked in the position and cannot move, unless some other runner tags and keys the locked one out.

Save Them All

In this game, you have to save the drowning people by throwing tubes on them. It is a first-person game. You have got a minute to save as many people as possible.

You have to use the arrow keys to move and the mouse to look around in PC, or the keypads in Android.

If you save a person who is close to the shore, you get 10 points and 10 seconds extra time and if you save a person who is away from the shore you get 20 points and 20 seconds extra time.

In Android, you have an additional feature of posting your score on the leader board and complete achievements.

Shri Hanuman Chalisa Game App

Let's find out that how much do you know Hanuman Chalisa or learn, revise or recite Hanuman Chalisa in interactive & easy way.

My purpose of also developing Shri Hanuman Chalisa Game App is to promote more Hanuman Chalisa across the Globe & to help & support Globe to learn, revise or recite Hanuman Chalisa in interactive & easy way using the correct use of their Gadgets, Smartphones or Tablet PC etc. & to also promote good works, Indian & other Cultures etc.