Bricks is a classic arcade puzzle game with improved graphics and sounds.
The different blocks:
I-blocks are useful for competing four lines at once.
O-blocks for filling large gaps.
L-blocks for filling medium-sized holes.
J-blocks face the opposite direction as L-blocks.
S-blocks for filling small holes.
Z-blocks face the opposite direction as S-blocks.


One touch gameplay. Play artfully crafted 56 levels. 
Serenely challenging geometric art and artsy illusions.

Control smoothly moving black dot and your goal is to collect color dots in each level. Sounds easy ?
There is only one control option: Left Turn!  
Find a perfect way to collect each color dot.

Shadow Ball

With Shadow Ball, we present to you a fascinating journey to a galaxy far away. Steer quick and pick up as many rubies as you can before time runs out. And all this time, look out for the shadows to dodge the meteor shower! Does that sound a little too hard? Well, the ball will also blast if you touch the walls!
So pick up your devices and join the Ruby Raid to fight in this mind blowing interstellar survival war.
*********** Gameplay *************