Your eyes are your worst enemy - they fool you every day.
Experience a room which looks surreal when you first look at it, only when you open your eyes and start looking at things from different perspectives, it all makes sense.
Possessions is a simple 3D-isometric puzzle game about perception, obsessions and a family.
The first impression is not always the last impression.


Bricks is a classic arcade puzzle game with improved graphics and sounds.
The different blocks:
I-blocks are useful for competing four lines at once.
O-blocks for filling large gaps.
L-blocks for filling medium-sized holes.
J-blocks face the opposite direction as L-blocks.
S-blocks for filling small holes.
Z-blocks face the opposite direction as S-blocks.


In Loopables your goal is to manipulate the environment in due to guide a forgetful person. It's a surreal experience leading you from where you started, a constant loop filled with fun and challenges.

Just Follow!

Just Follow is an addictive unique game loaded with lots of fun. In this game you have to make the player go through the obstacles without colliding by drawing a line. And the player will follow the line. The longer you go the more score you will get.
Don't forget to collect coins, with coins you can get another life in game. You can even buy boosters with coins.
- Just make it follow the line through obstacles
- Get another life by spending coins you collected
- Tough and intense gameplay
- Collect coins and buy boosters


One touch gameplay. Play artfully crafted 56 levels. 
Serenely challenging geometric art and artsy illusions.

Control smoothly moving black dot and your goal is to collect color dots in each level. Sounds easy ?
There is only one control option: Left Turn!  
Find a perfect way to collect each color dot.


ASSRT(Agents of Secret Service Recruitment Test) is a First-person shooter puzzle game loaded with lot of Action and Excitement.
Here in this game you are going to take the role of an Agent who is going through the process of ASSRT. In ASSRT his Skill, Mental and Physical abilities are tested. You must be the finest to get selected. 

Now ASSRT have multiplayer feature, play and top the leaderboards to show the world what you are made of. Now multiplayer have Team Death match, FFA(coming pretty soon).

- Multiplayer

- Leaderboards

- Smooth gameplay

Play God

Devil is up to one of his mischief but this time he went too far and damaged your precious world. Play as God, repair the damage and heal the broken world.

Play God is minimalistic puzzle games that puts you in the shoes of the God. Assemble the broken magical cubes and join them. Fix broken structures, monuments and save the world. But beware! Devil will not rest and his minions will try their best to stop you.

Being developed by Chennai based Weloadin Studio, Play God is Dropout Games' first full-scale Publishing venture.

Tilted - A Tale of Refraction

Tilted is a unique 2D Physics Puzzle game based on exploration and puzzles built around the laws of refraction with real time physics. The first release of Arcanheim Softworks, "Tilted" is a game where you play as a prism navigating its way through mesmerizing crystalline caverns and solving puzzles by using the laws of reflection and refraction, in a quest for photons and ultimately Illuminating the universe, overrun by darkness and other hazards.