Biohazard Zones is a mobile VR exclsuive game designed to play on Anroid and iOS platforms. The game story starts in Afghanisthan and travels to China, Japan, US, UK, India, Germany and finally ends in Africa. The story is rexperience through 10 different personalities from 10 different places where each personality contribute o significant amount of story narration.

Player gets to experience this story in an first person interactive mannar such as VR game. Try the game proto today from Google play store or iOS app store.

The Forgotten Forest - VR Game

The Forgotten Forest is a virtual reality survival game, in which the protagonist's car breaks down and he's left stranded in a dark forest infested with the undead. The only weapon he has is an old glock that he kept inside his car's glove compartment.
The game is about surviving the horrific journey through the long forgotten forest which was infamous for inhabiting the innumerable amount of living dead. As you delve deeper inside the forest the environment becomes more surreal and the enemies become more fierce.